Friday, August 26, 2011

fur trend

Hello Fashionistas!
     If you have been following the fashion magazines or the ads, you will notice Fur is In!  What will it be for you?  Fur coat, vest, cape, scarf, boot toppers, etc???
     If you are like myself, I will not be adding anything fur that adds too much bulk.  I am really liking the fur boot toppers or a scarf. 
     I would love to see your favorite fur piece of the season.  It's the trend, so a touch would keep you in style.  What will it be for you?

Fall is around the corner~Enjoy these beautiful days!   Debbie

Friday, August 19, 2011

white teeth

On prior blogs, I've talked about your first impression or your 5 second visual resume.  So what does the approaching person see after your outfit~A Big Smile?  Is your big smile, pearly white?  Are your teeth clean?  Is your breath offensive?  All these questions are things that the person standing by you or talking with you are noticing.

It's true!  A smile is worth 1000 words.  It can make a person's day.  It can give a lift to a person that is having a bad bad.

With all the available whiteners on the market, everyone can have that big Pearly white smile!  Invest in yourself!  You will love the smile that you see coming back to you in the mirror and so will the person passing by.

Smile Today and make someone's day a little brighter!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Body Shapes

Do you know your body shape?  If you do, it will make shopping for your clothing much easier and there will be less clothing sitting in your closet unworn.

Let's start with-
The Rectangle or the "b" body~
Shoulders and hips are the same width
Gains weight in the belly
Straight through the waist or muffin top
Flat behind

The Oval body or the "O" body~
Large busted
Rounded on top, bust, and upper mid section
Fuller figured
Nice legs
Usually size 14 and up

The Triangle or "d" body~
Shoulders are smaller than hips
Narrow waist
Small busted
Gains weight in the behind, hips, and thighs

The Hourglass or "X" body
Shoulders and hips are same width
Narrow waist
Gains weight evenly all over
Balanced proportions

Do you know which body type you are?  Now, you want to embrace your assets and camouflage your least favorite areas.

When shopping with me at my Trunk shows, we will do just that.  It is better to spend a little more and love how you look in your clothing.  Versus, buying several inexpensive pieces and letting them sit in your closet or worse yet, not looking good in them. 

Wearing the right clothing for your body, the right color for your skin, will put a spring in your step.  People will think you have lost weight and look younger.

My upcoming Trunk show is August 26-30 for Fall.  Schedule your appointment!  Visit~

Fashions for You,  Debbie Vogler