Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Building around the shoes

Today was a busy day and I had many errands to run.  
My day started out with Rotary at 7am, so I knew that I had to wear 
comfortable shoes for all the running.
 I built my outfit around the shoes, today.  I normally don't work it that way.  My daughter, Danielle was home this weekend and she left these shoes for me to wear since she would be home again soon.
 The shoes have little gold grommets all over them, so that lead me to the gold pants.   Then, I looked for a purple blouse with no luck it lead me to the tank.   From the tank, it went the jacket and then scarf.
 How do you build your outfits for the day?

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Tank-Michael Stars
Pants-The Limited
Scarf-My Boutique

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shitty Shasta

No, the title is not the most appropriate but a bit of humor in our family.
Our oldest daughter and her on-line purchasing.  Meet the Shitty Shasta.
 Our oldest daughter is a very well known makeup artist and the color pink has been part of the  marketing of herself.  And, we aren't talking the Mary Kay pink, we are talking hot pink.  I looked through all of my photos and couldn't find one to show you her pink Escalade with eyelashes.  You can visit her Facebook page at Brooke Fleetwood, then you can see what I mean :)
 The Escalade has been a great marketing tool for her business.  She was what I thought crazy and purchased it off Ebay (I believe).  Anyway, I was certain that she was going to get took or when the car arrived (she had it shipped from Texas) that it was going to be in.... not good condition. A mother trying to protect her daughter from a big mistake.   Needless to say, she got lucky and it came in great shape.
 So, she thought she would try this on-line buying, again and ordered this Shasta camper in the photo.  Well....let's say "It looked better in the photos".  She thought she might use it for on location jobs....not. Their is not much room inside one of these babies let alone putting a bride and her wedding party in it to do makeup.
 It has become a yard decoration in my backyard until she finds a gal from "Bitches with Hitches" to purchase this beauty or if you know someone, let us know.  Hope you enjoyed my true story and the landmark for this photo.
Skirt-Etcetera from this fall

Shasta-For Sale!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Suited up

I love business attire.  I love dressing up.  It makes me feel so much better than running around in sweats.  How about you?
I like my business attire to have some character, though.  Nothing totally basic.  Whether it is details on the jacket or adding jewelry or accessories.  The details take an outfit from good to great!
I do a presentation on "Your 5 second visual resume".  Did you know that people judge you within the first 5 seconds of meeting you, without you even saying a word? 
This is especially important when you are going for an interview.  Is your clothing clean and pressed?  Is your clothing up to date?  Do they properly fit?  If not, your clothing can give off the impression that you are lazy or don't care.

Your clothing tells a lot about you and how you feel about yourself?
What does your style say about you?  I love meeting with my clients and talking to them about their style, what their interests are and how we present themselves to be their authentic self.
Scarf and Pin-handmade by Christine Mcginnis
Shoes-Cole Haan

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pop of Art

Hello Monday!
(well now Thursday.  This was set for auto post and it didn't post)
Hope you are having a great week.
It was an art kind of weekend for us.  It started by picking my husband up at the airport, then meeting my daughter in Edina to go to an Art Open House.  The gal sold "Fairy Houses" for your garden and I wanted to get some as gifts to the holidays.
Then, due to the extremely windy weather this weekend, we went to the Phipps Art Center to take these photos.
I am liking the trend of the animal motif on sweaters.   Nothing I would overdue but thought this whimsy chicken was cute.  The price was good for a trendy piece, as well.
Recycled Art
This is my fashionista daughter, Danielle.
I keep encouraging her to do a Blog of her own but college studies is not allowing her the free time.

Time to go back out into the windy outdoors.  I love the layers in the back of this jacket.

Jacket-Katherine Barclay
Blouse-The Gap
Jeans-The Limited

Have a fashionably fabulous week,  Debbie

Friday, November 8, 2013

Zip It!

Happy Friday!
Today, I am in the middle of my Etcetera & Kokoon
trunk show and this is my outfit for the day. 
Both the sweater vest & top are by Etcetera!
When I talk details about clothing, the vest is a prime example.  Not only does it have zippers on the side but leather accent.
You can leave the zippers closed or unzipped, as seen below.

This vest is in the current fall collection and available for purchase.

This is my favorite white blouse.  I love the ruffles on the sleeves.  And, the fingerless gloves, I don't go anywhere without receiving compliments on them.
Blouse & Vest-Etcetera
Shoes-Stuart Weitzmann
Necklace & Earrings-Simon Sebbagg
Gloves-my boutique

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween to rest

Until next week......Away goes the Halloween decor!
I love decorating for the seasons and my storage room is grouped by seasonal decorations.
I try to sprinkle the season cheer around the house for all to enjoy.
Witches seem to be my favorite Halloween theme.  I was a witch the first Halloween with my cousin who was a ghost, that I can remember.  I believe that is where it stemmed from.
The above pillows used to be sweatshirts that a wore many years ago.
Crazy, I know!
A little here
A little there
And more here
The front door here
The front porch
And more fun here

Do you like decorating for the seasons?  What is some of your favorite?


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Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloweenie with Harweenie & fam

Halloween was a lot of fun this year and I am glad I made it that way!
I could have resisted dressing up but didn't.
The crazy costume brought lots of smiles to peoples faces and even a Thank you from a neighborhood parent, as her daughter loved it when she came to our door.  
I had my grandkids at the door with me too, who were skeletons as well
(you we see them below)

Look who arrived!  My daughter, Brooke and her family!
This is grandest daughter Harlow, who we call Harweenie!  I still laugh when I see this picture.
This is a nice close up of their faces!  Brooke is a makeup artist and does a great job!
Harlow had rubbed some of her eye makeup off.  Brooke put it, "She's a hot mess", prior to coming over.
Here's grammie's boy, Hudson!  The jacket and headband came off almost immediately after arriving.
Hudson really didn't like the Trick or Treaters at first but quickly started putting the treats in the kids bags.
Harlow opening her Halloween gift, as grammie couldn't stand the thought of sweets for her precious!

Isn't he just stinkin cute?
This picture just brings a smile to my face!

Brooke~The one responsible for the great makeup!

Hope your Halloween was a lot of fun!  Debbie