Friday, June 28, 2013

black & white tailored right

Happy Friday, from Danielle & myself!
This is our outfits we were to church Sunday a few Sundays ago!
I love the kikaPaprika maxi dress, it is So comfortable!
Here is a shot of our front landscaping.  My son, Parker & I started tearing it all out and thanks to my husband who finished it.  The roots were grown to the black mesh that was put down and made it really hard to get it up. This is the finished product and purple was my theme color, this year.
Enjoy your Weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pop of Art

I love this new graphic skirt by Etcetera.  With all of it's color, it gives so many options for tops (and shoes).

I have been on a roll with crafting and decorating.  Thanks to where I was inspired by the paintings I saw in landscaping and on porches.
I started this painting out and then was assisted by my daughter, Danielle.  With her art background she is very good at adding more texture and dimension.  She gave me some pointers to help me in the future.
This is a side wall on my covered porch.  I purchased the small table at a yard sale, along with the white enamel pieces.  The table is not exactly what I want there but until I find the right piece, I'm going to leave it for now.

top-Last Tango
shoes-Poetic License
gold bracelet-Michael Kors
white bracelet & necklace-my boutique

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pink & More to come!

Today was another rainy, gloomy day in Hudson, WI.
Hence the pink! 
 I'm off to tour 3 of the homes that are possibilities for the Christmas tour.
 In the background you will see some pink candlesticks, that is a little clue as to what is going to be happing in the family room in the near future :)
 The artwork that you can see is a piece that my daughter, Danielle and I are working on together.  It's new home is supposed to be on the front porch but I'm really liking it on the mantle.
 While touring the homes, it really got my mind-a-racing (worse than it already does).  Thoughts like~"cute idea, I can do that, that would work in my daughter's bedroom" and on & on.
 Many homes that I enter are full of neutrals, which are a great start but I love color.  It makes me happy~How about you? How do you decorate?
Leather jacket-Nordstrom's
top-Last Tango (my boutique)
jeans-J brand
pumps-Kelly & Katie and I have to say that I have been in search of comfortable black pumps of all price ranges and they won.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Christmas in May!

Christmas in May!
No, not really but a meeting to get the preparations started.
I have a real passion for decorating and decorating for Christmas!
After having our home on the tour in 2011, I joined the Christmas Tour of Homes committee.  Today, we had our first meeting to start preparations for the 2013 Christmas tour.  This is what I wore to the meeting.
 Yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day rearranging my living room, dining room and the furniture in the family room.  I will share more about the Family Room with you later.  The long rectangle watercolor is an original by Donna Heiman. She is a friend from our hometown.  It was moved from the family room.
 The above chair was originally in our family room back in Indiana but had to go to the basement with the rest of the furniture because of limited space.  It's nice to get to see it again more frequently & the matching mate will go to our bedroom when the chair being reupholstered is finished.
 I have had the same decorations for many years and have moved them from home to home and well..I feel has if I'm getting tired of looking at the same things.  Carol Palm, a fabulous stager who I worked with on the Christmas tour came over and we played and rearranged my living room.
It feels so much better.
The bird prints were in my family room, which will no later go with the d├ęcor when I'm finished with it (blue, pink & fun).  What a nice change of space for them.  How about the cute detail on the back of this jacket?  It always brings on the compliments.
A little tweaking still to be done, such as a bigger plant behind the couch.  But, for the most part-Finished and happy with the changes.  Thank you, Carol for your help!

Outfit details-
Jeans-Forever 21
Shoes-Cole Haan
Necklace-My boutique