Saturday, December 28, 2013


Season's Greetings!
Today, we are having unseasonably warm weather, only to awake tomorrow to well below zero temperatures.
I had some returns and exchanges from Christmas, so my daughter and I decided to do them while it is warmer.
I purchased this mink fur shawl at an estate sale but hadn't had the opportunity to wear it due the much colder temperatures.  I took advantage of the weather to wear it, today.
The Etcetera sweater that I'm wearing has "angel wing" arms, so it is more difficult to wear with a structured coat.  The shawl worked perfect with this sweater.

The below photo is a good accessories shot.  I wish we would have done a close up of the boots.  The have purple "Peace" signs on the sides.  The attracted a lot of attention.
Jeans-The Limited
Boots-Donald Pliner
Handbag-Lois Vuitton
Belt-Tory Burch
Bracelet-Kate Spade

Friday, December 20, 2013

So the man!

Hello Everyone!
Sorry for my short absence, again.
I have managed to keep myself very busy and have neglected the blogger site.
I have shared with you some of the inside decorating, now here is some of the outside.
This year I wanted to do a snowman theme.  I saw the tree idea on Pinterest.
Please overlook the large bag of sand, as it needs to be covered with batting.

I purchased a large balloon, the kind that has a large rubber band attached and you can punch with.  Remember those?  Then, I paper mache'd the head.  Cut a hole for the carrot and painted on the eyes and mouth.  The buttons are made from plastic plates.

Now, for my outfit~
top & scarf-Gap, purchased for the color
jeans-Miss Me
coat-Nordstom's old
boots-Ariat, old trusties.  They are so comfortable, I wear them when I go to the Mall of America.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cheery Colored Christmas-Brights!

Each year I like to either change my Christmas tree decorations or modify the color theme (Using what I have).  Over the last several months I have been re-decorating my family room into bright colors.  (note the pink wall and crazy bright recovered chair)
So, this year I thought I would only put ornaments on the tree that match the chair.  Until.... my daughter comes home from college and says "Mom, that is not the Over-the-top tree that you normally do".  Knowing that her friends were coming over the next day, I took all the ornaments off and started over.  She was much happier.
Only thing missing is the glittery sticks out of the top!

Meet Armani, he is one of our family dogs.  He was purchased for our son, named by daughter, Danielle but he is MY boy.  He is never far from his me.

If you are into the re purposing craze.  The above painting was actually painted onto a backing of an old mirror that went to an old makeup stand.
It is done to look like a snow globe.
The mantel takes a new twist.
This year, my outside theme is snowman related.  I took the white tree that was in my daughter's room prior, papier mache'd a large balloon, purchased the tall hat back in Indiana and hauled it home, used plastic black plates for buttons and my black rubber boots.
Danielle is the artist in the family (Brooke is the makeup artist, how cool is that) and she is putting the final touches on my work before Frosty goes to the front porch.  More photos of that in another post.
Now for the fashion part :)
Top-Last Tango
Skirt-Carlisle (sister company to Etcetera)
I have a passion for Christmas decorating and would love to feature items that you love around your home.  Please send your favorite photos to in an attachment and you just might see your photo on my blog.
If you like reading my posts, become a "Follower".  I hope to inspire you with fashion ideas and at times decorating.  Thank you!  Debbie

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trends gone bad

When I first look at this photo, it scares me.  Oh, how the cut of clothing is everything.  This season over sized coats seem to be an "in thing" and this coat proves a point.  Don't wear clothing just because it is an "in thing".
I purchased this coat at an Estate Sale, very very reasonably.  I loved the fabric and the buttons.  The coat was too big when I purchased it but took it to have it altered.  They did alter the coat but not enough.
In Hudson, WI we have a Christmas Tour of Home event where 5 homes are put on display, decorated over the top.  It is a really fun event.  My home was on the tour 2 years ago and that year we attended the Black Tie event where you pay extra money and get to attend the night prior to the opening day and are chauffeured by a bus.  And, it is a night, so the houses look twice as beautiful.  Since then, we have been attending the Black Tie each year.
This year, I decided to wear Vintage head- to- toe (well all most, not shoes)
I purchased this dress at an antique store in Hudson and loved the fabric and the beading.  The beading was in perfect condition after all these years.
This photo has my daughter, Brooke's spa in the background.
And.....this would be Brooke in a trendy outfit, which her mom would never wear.  I would not like the "bra look", even though you wear less in a bathing suit.
This is a couch in her spa and I "Love It".
How about that leopard carpet?  Great neutral.
These 2 photos are taken with some fancy camera and lightening.  Good thing I use lots of "lotions and potions" or this could be even scarier than the first picture in the over sized coat.
I'm not used to such close ups!
Dress, Coat & Handbag are all Vintage.
Hope your holiday season is off to a great start. 
Thank you for reading,  Debbie