Thursday, September 27, 2012

Etcetera trunk show

It's my Etcetera trunk show week.  Sept. 26-30!
Hopefully, these pictures will give you an idea of how it works.
250-300 pieces of clothing are shipped into my home, I set my basement up like a store or showroom.  You make an appointment, you come and shop and we order the pieces that you like in your size.
 I quickly put on a few pieces and snapped a few shots for you.  So, some of them are really not to my likings of myself.  I love this skirt and sweater.  It is a good example of mixing prints.
This jacket is an azure blue with shining silver buttons.  On trend with color for the fall.
 When I talk detail about Etcetera, this is a prime example.   Drapy neck, detailed sides and arms with character.  And, the skirt~over the top.  Not only does it have the cool design you can see but it has the same color as in the sweater stitched around the pattern of the design.  (hard to see in this photo)
 Hoping you could see the sides of the sweater.  The shelves are stocked with handbags, scarves and jewelry to top off your look at unbelievable prices for these accessories.
 I love the grommets on this sweater!!!!
 Snapshot of setup.
 Not my size (2) but I love this jacket and skirt.  It will be a good neutral but with character.  No basic-basic!  The skirt has an awesome leather band, as seen in the jackets waistband.
 Again, it's all about detail.  Those are all leather pieces!!!
 Close up!
 OK, the jacket doesn't go with the pants that I had on yesterday but I wanted you to see the chest detail.
 Here is the suit.  Comes with pants or a skirt.
I have a few available times between now and Sunday evening.  I would love to show you the line and help you find pieces that make you feel fabulous!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Feeling blue?

Feeling blue?  Get a mood lift with color.
You won't feel blue in the color Azure blue from kikaPaprika.  On trend with what is hot, the azure blue is back for the fall & winter season and what a mood lifter.  When it is rainy or dreary outside, I like to wear something with a little color to lift my spirits.  Have you ever noticed yourself not feeling as good when you are wearing darker drab colors?  There is a lot of research below color and how it affects your mood.
I am wearing the "Willow" tunic in azure by kikaPaprika, along with their fabulous leggings. I say that because you can't see through them or see lumps & bumps.  And, they have just the right spandex.
Accessories-Scarf by kika and fur bracelet available "For Sale" part of my show collection.  Necklace & earrings by Simon Sebbage.  Shoes by Cole Haan.
Do colors affect your mood?  Which colors give you a lift and which tend to make you feel drab?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I do believe fall has arrived!  I love the fall weather but unfortunately, I know what comes after fall for Wisconsin and that is long cold winters.
As I had mentioned in a prior blog, layering works very well for this time of the year and it's not layer with a heavy coat, yet.  Yeah!
Below, is an outfit that I wore to a lunch date with a friend at Pier 500, which is a restaurant downtown Hudson.  I love to go there this time of the year and sit outside for lunch, it is so relaxing and you can see the river.
I hadn't wore this outfit combination before but I was excited about the results, as I had many compliments while wearing it.  Which is always at booster.

The vest is the "Audrey" by kikaPaprika in the azure color.  Blouse by Carlise (sister company to Etcetera) and denim by the Limited. 
I love the gold color but it is not a color that I can wear by my face, talk about aging oneself.  So, here is how I pulled the gold off.

The Audrey vest can be wore a few different ways.  This way is the longer version.  It has nice detail in the back .  Can you see the "Y"?  You might see it better in a later photo.

Here is a side view.
I accessorized with a very blingy belt from my prior store, a gold handbag with rhinestones, and my new favorite Michael Kors shoes (they withstood the long walk in the airport on my last trip).  This handbag is available For Sale and will be at my Etcetera trunk show, if it's not sold before.

As I mentioned, the Audrey can be worn different ways.  This is one of the shorter versions.  You turn it upside down and inside out to achieve this look.  This works well when you have a sleeveless dress on or a tank and want some arm coverage.

Here is another shot of the vest in different lighting.  I originally was going to take the photos of this outfit here but I felt it was too dark.  Below you will see my practice shot.  This happens to be a print that has been in my family for a long time.  My parents purchased it because they thought it looked like me. (my mom would fix my hair like that)

I can't seem to get rid of the large space between photos today, sorry!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Danielle meets Gracie!

Danielle meets Gracie!  The grey jacket Danielle is wearing is called Gracie by kikaPaprika!  As many of you know, I sell 2 women's clothing lines (1 being Etcetera, which is a dressier line & the other kikaPaprika).  They are both great lines but each has a different need for your closet.  I would love to be able to show you several outfit ideas from Etcetera but the line is at my home only for 1 week each season.  Time allowing, I will try to put some of those outfits on and post them for you to see.  I hope you are enjoying the posts with the kika Paprika outfits that Danielle and I have been putting together for you to see.
I have to say that I love when the sample is not in my size, so that I can request Danielle to be my model.  The Gracie is a heathered fabric, adding a nice interest to each color that is dyed.  The Gracie has a nice flowy collar that is not too heavy and a nice waistband to add back detail.
 Danielle added kika's yoga pant, which has the perfect amount of stretch and thickness.  Being a college student, she loves to wear them to school as they are very comfortable.  I own them myself in colors that I can't find in the stores.  If you are looking for a yoga pant that is flattering, I would encourage you to give them try.
You can view both lines~

Friday, September 14, 2012

Jackets & layering

This time of the year it is hard to know how to dress.  You wake up and it is 50 degrees and by noon it is 80 degrees.  So~ bring on the layers in the morning, to have them peeled off by noon. 
Today, I'm wearing a combination of brands, which I usually do.
The jacket is an older Worth piece, which I just love. Jackets are not only great for layering but will kick up an outfit.  If you are a stay at home mom and find yourself wearing jeans & a tee shirt.  You can throw on a jacket and look put together.  Owning jackets is a wise investment. The skirt and top are both by kikaPaprika (which I sell). They are seeming to be a couple of my "go to" pieces and I own them in solid colors, as well.
As a "rectangle body or b" I love the blousy top for a little camouflage of the "muffin top".  When you are a "rectangle" body shape, you gain in the mid section.  Do you know your body shape?
Adding the red shoes (Stuart Weitzman) added a nice punch of color.  I am loving the studs this season.  How about you?
This is a better shot of the "Simone" skirt and "Rita" top. 
I find the skirts to be a great value, as I wear them in the summer with sandals and in the winter with tights and boots.
Can't forget those accessories! (stella & dot, silpada, Made Ya Look & lia sophia)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wind, obstacles & blogging

Boy can we tell fall is on its way!  Cooler mornings, drastic temperature changes from day to day and lots of wind (which my flowers are looking very sad and as you can see our yard is too), it's been very dry.
I have to share with you the challenges of blogging and thought the above and below picture spell it out quit well (and you would get a kick out of the photos)  All the obstacles of normal life that are around (like the spinkler).
And, then there is Mother Nature with the wind and glare of the sun.
So, with all the obstacles that were getting in the way, I headed back inside to shoot the Sami jacket by kikaPaprika.  I love the military inspiration, which is a huge trend for fall.  A big plus for this jacket is the fact that it has stretch, where many jackets are very structured constricting movement.  If you have molding (nice word for fat) or large muscular arms, you will want a jacket with stretch.
This jacket is going to work for all body shapes and looks equally as nice unbuttoned.  The length is going to work for the shorter gals, as well.
Don't forget your accessories!  Statement necklaces are all the rave.
Do you have a military look for the fall season?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This dress reminds me of Vineyards in the Napa Valley.
I love the color Bordeaux for the fall season and have found that it looks good on almost all coloring.  You are going to see it everywhere.
This dress is the "Mya" by kikaPaprika.  I was thankful to have my daughter model this dress as I am not a size 1, which was my sample size.
I am in favor of the the "v" neck line and the 3/4 sleeve.  3/4 sleeves add height to a shorter body-bonus!
Another way to wear this dress would be with a belt of your choice.  You could tie the belt (included) in your hair.
Mya is available in all 12 of kika's colors.  Visit kikaPaprika to view all 12 colors.  What color is best for you?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lorelie dressy or casual

Flattering should be the name of this "Lorelei" top by kikaPaprika!
I have yet to see a client who doesn't look good in this top.
The rouching down the side hides a multitude of sins, drape neck adds a feminine touch and has dyed to match buttons. I'm wearing the Lorelei in Poppy & the Simone skirt in Winter White. This would be a nice outfit around the holidays.
 Both pieces are available in 12 colors.
Wear the "Lorelie" dressed up or dressed down. 
How would you wear the "Lorelei"? 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Flower pop

Today, my daughter Danielle is modeling the Amy jacket.  This is a new look for kikaPaprika.
Danielle originally didn't want to model this piece for me, as she didn't think it was a good look on her.  I gave her the jacket, she goes upstairs and this is what she came up with~It's it adorable?
The flower belt added a nice pop of color and created a waist.
Those with a rectangle body or "b", oval or "o" (straight from hips to shoulders or fuller middle) might choice to wear this style jacket open with darker pieces underneath. If you are an hourglass "x" or triangle "d" have fun with different belts.
She ended up liking the combination so much, that she changed from jeans to dress pants and wore it to her summer job at the bank, where she received many compliments.
How would you wear the Amy jacket by kikaPaprika?
For more information about kikaPaprika, please message me.  kika is looking for more consultants throughout the US and I would be happy to help you start your own business.  Debbie
KikaPaprika is an eco-chic clothing company for women, designed and made in California by a mother/daughter team.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bring on the layers-no bulk

How many of us really like adding layers?  If you are like myself, I don't really care to because of the bulk it adds.
In todays post I am wearing the Paige top in bordeaux, the Lil reversible tank in winter white with the Jenna skirt.
The Paige top is a great piece for layering because it is made of a sheer tencel jersey fabric.  It gives you the extra layer but not the extra volume.

As I was photographing myself, my daugther gives me her daily call from college.  I truly was talking to her while the camera was snapping, which made the smile quit easy.  Are you ready for the cooler weather?

Clothing-All by kikaPaprika
Necklace-An artist at the Louisville, KY  art show

Brit skirt

Hello Fashionistas!  Today, my daughter Danielle is my model.  She is wearing kikaPaprika's Brit skirt, which is in trend for fall.
In this photo, Danielle chose to pair the Brit with fun tights, a basic black top and one of kika's new scarves.
This season you will find larger scarves wrapped up by the face.
Danielle chose to tuck her top in with this combination.  An untucked top is flattering as well (try the Julia top from kika).
You will love how versatile this skirt can be.  She wore this to her summer job at the bank.
Another cool thing about the Brit, it can be purchased in 12 different colors.  Check out kikaPaprika's colors at  What color would you chose?
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