Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fashion Trend Fall 2013

The bootie shoes

The circle skirts
Crop tops
Moto jacket (you don't want to be without this one)  The above is by Etcetera!  I will be showing it for fall.
Peeps & Peeks
Quilting (this jacket it my Etcetera, I especially like it because the quilting is small and it won't add a lot of bulk)

You will be seeing clothing with 1970's inspiration, along with very lady-like clothing.

Which trend will be your favorite?  And, what trend colors will be best for you?

True Blue

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer!
Ours has been super busy but all good.
This cooler weather is a reminder of when we first moved here to Hudson, WI in August of 2006
I have had these pictures in "Hold", as they weren't a favorite but I'm so behind on blogging photos, I'm going to share and hope they inspire you with some fashions that you may have in your closet.

jacket by kikaPaprika
top-Barbara Lesser Fibers
shoes-Poetic License

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lace skirt & pink splash

Hello Everyone!
I am behind on my posts, sorry for the absence.
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This photo was actually taken a little while back, before my legs & legs saw any sun.
I like to teach a little something in each blog, if possible.  This outfit is good for a rectangle body shape.  Rectangle blogs have thinner legs and are smaller on the bottom, hence the light color skirt and exposed legs.  If a rectangle body gains weight, they will gain in the middle, so wearing darker on the top is great for camouflage.
Do you know your body shape?

shoes-Stuart Weitzman
gold bracelet-Michael Kors
pink bracelet and handbag-my at-home boutique

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pink & Black Passion

Pink and Black have been my favorite color for years, followed by yellow!
I have had more black cars than any other and I would probably have everything pink in my home, if my husband would approve.
As I have been sharing with you, I have been redecorating my family room.  Above is a glimpse of the paint above my fireplace.  I am now on a mission to find artwork for above the fireplace or hoping my daughter will paint a hot air balloon for the focal point.  I think it would be the perfect accessory.
And, accessories for my outfit!
This stool prior was a flame stitch with navy, red and tan.  It was recently recovered in fabric to go with my new color scheme. (pink, purple, tan and a navy)  I am wanting the fun factor and the mood lifter!
This photo shows a small shot of the couch recovered.  It appears much darker in the photo.
And, how about the very fuchsia rug?  I loved it.  The ottoman was in another family room and now I actually thought it worked better in here.
This outfit was from the store that I used to own~
jacket and skirt~Spanner
tank~Last Tango
necklace & earrings~Custom by a talented Etcetera client, Diana Wesbrook

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing you all a safe and fun holiday.

 On my trip to Kentucky to visit my sister, we went walking through her neighborhood where many homes had beautiful door decorations (which I love, as well).  A few had toile wreaths which inspired me to make this one for the 4th.
 This blue dress was about the closest thing I had to something patriotic.  I don't own much red, as I am a hot pink girl.

 The next thing was shoes and these were my favorite pick.  Which then lead to trying the yellow dress over the blue as a jacket.
 Do your mornings start out like mine?  No idea what I'm going to wear and then one thing leads to another.

blue dress by kikaPaprika
yellow dress by "W" by Worth
shoes Poetic License
cluth Coach
necklace Tresko

Monday, July 1, 2013

Step Up

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope your week is off to a great start.

As I have shared with you.  I have been on a mission to clean through everything and I have been decorating on the way!  Today, I'll share with you the new carpet on my staircase,
I love the look of wood stairs and a runner up the middle.  Unfortunately, we don't have wood stairs but I chose carpet that gave me the look of a runner.

This would be my dog "Armani", he wanted to pose, as well.
capris-ann taylor
denim jacket-from a small boutique
shoes-cole haan