Friday, August 31, 2012

True "Shoe" Confession

True "Shoe" Confession
I thought the title of this blog was appropriate as I have been on a shoe buying spell.  I am a hard fit, especially when it comes to pants on the other hand are a quit easy fit.
For fall there is such a wide variety of styles and colors, which makes it so easy and fun to buy!
Looking at this photo I'm thinking "I should have a shoe budget", as many ladies have a clothing budget. 
Ok, behind these purchases came the reasons I "needed" these shoes.
Top left-matches perfectly with kikaPaprika's color bordeaux, which you will see me in later blogs.
Middle top-I don't have a pair of charcoal and they go with my color palette well (even though they are more of a summer shoe)
Top right-The military look is a trend for the fall and I love my new kika military jacket and I will wear them with the jacket and more.
Bottom left-The skirted bootie is just a fun look and they were a good price.
Bottom right-Well, they weren't such a good price, but I loved the look of this shoe and Stuart Weitzman is a good fitting shoe for me.
Middle shoe-Silver sparkle is a fun trend and I knew that my daughter would wear them too.
More on trends~Don't forget patent leather,  ankle-strap heels and booties, booties, booties of every style (see above photo for a few looks).

What shoes are on your list for fall?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reverse the color

How many of you watch TLC's "What Not To Wear"?
  I love to watch the show.  The above gal is who they did a makeover on last Tuesday.
How did you feel about the end results?
Through my Image Consulting Certification, I learned that this outfit is not the best for her body shape.  This gal has a triangle body shape, which means she has smaller shoulders than her hips.  With this being the case, the coloration should have been reversed.  They should highlight the top part of her body, where she is smaller and put darker on the bottom where she is wider.
Besides reversing the colors, another good look for her would be wide leg pants with a fitted shirt on top.  Create a column by putting a lighter top on with darker pants and jacket, this will trim the hips.  Note:  Don't let the jacket hit at the widest part of the hip.
Do you know your body shape and what shape clothing looks best on you?
Personal appointments & Group Sessions available.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Makeup Expiration

Have you ever wondered, "How long should I keep my makeup? or "When is it considered bad?"
Here is a tip to help~ Keep a permanent marker in your makeup drawer, along with a list of makeup expiration dates (below).  Put the date on your makeup when you purchase it~ no more guessing.
Here's a list to help:
  • Blush & Bronzer-  2 years
  • Powder-  2 years
  • Blush, cream-  12-18 months
  • Concealer-  12-18 months
  • Eye shadow-  power-2 years, cream 12-18 months
  • Eyeliner-  2 years
  • Eyeliner liquid-  3-6 months
  • Foundation, cream or compact-  18months
  • Foundation, oil-free-  1 year
  • Lip gloss-  18-24 months
  • Lip liner-  2 year
  • Mascara- 3-12 month
How is the age of your makeup?  Is it time to replace some of it? 
If so, this is my daughter's makeup line and I'm sure she would love to help you.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Jackie top

The New kikaPaprika line is arriving for Fall, so my goal is to have a 30 days of Fall (coming soon).  Today, I thought I would share with you the Jackie top, which is back by poplar demand.
In the above photo I paired the "Jackie with white kika leggings"
Just so you can see the drawsting back treatment.
Not only does this top have a neat back detail, it has fun rouching at the sleeves. I left them loose, but you can pull them tighter.
This is another option for this top, when the weather turns.
I'm also wearing one of kika's new scarves!
Great snap detail all the way down the top                                                                 
The "Jackie" all dressed up!
Add your favorite scarf.
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