Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Happy Tuesday!
Hope your week is off to a great start.
My outfit today was inspired by a blog done by Atlantic-Pacific. 
She is a blogger that I follow daily.
If you get tired of the clothing that is in your closet,
  visit the different blogger websites or go to Pinterest for inspiration.
It is amazing how your clothing will feel new again.

Leggings-W by Worth
Handbag-Lois Vuitton (thank you, Brooke Fleetwood)
Sunglasses-Michael Kors

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Faux Burberry

 This is one of my daughter's, Danielle!
She is just a natural, when it comes to fashion.
It doesn't matter what she puts on, it always looks effortless.
 We will go shopping together and she may buy 1 fabulous piece and I will ask her what she is going to wear with it and she will tell me she doesn't know.  We will get home and she will have several pieces to go with it.  I don't seem to have that luck.
Both of the pieces that she has on were ordered on-line, I believe from ASOS.  She didn't buy them to go together.  In fact, the skirt was purchased for events at Christmas.  The top she loved because it resembled Burberry.

The necklace is a piece of costume jewelry but look how nice it goes together.

Do your outfits come together easily or do you have to try on several things?  Then, have a pile to hang back up.  Some of you are laughing, I know!