Thursday, March 6, 2014


Giving Thanks!

 This week I have spent quit a bit of time at this spot in my home.  I have had lots of Thank You's to write after the Rotary Gala.  I love going into the Living Room, as it is almost like being away from home. (the kitchen is full of too much hustle & bustle)
 I have a collection of stationary and it is fun for me to pick out which note card I'm sending to whom.  The "V" in the background were cards handmade by my daughter in her graphic design class.  She gave them to me for Christmas, along with the stamp she handmade.

 You can notice all of the natural light shining in the room.  That is another one of my reasons for loving this room.


Part of my collection!
 This is one of my newest additions.  I love the brand Papyrus!
A closer look at the cards Danielle made for me!

shirt-Club Monaco
belt-Streets Ahead
boots-Aquatalia (super comfy)

Tip:  I just returned from a certification program in etiquette and learned that a Thank You note consists of 4 lines (the 1,2,4 relate to the event or gift, the 3 unrelated).