Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas morning

Sharing my family with you!
I really enjoy when other bloggers share their families with their followers, so I thought I would do the same.  The pictures are not photo shopped, no makeup added, etc. ~Pure Natural!
 "Look Hudson, Santa arrived"
The kids all stayed the night on Christmas Eve, so we got to enjoy Hudson & Harlow first thing.
 Grampie got the hook up, as he loves coffee.  Thanks to Brooke and John.
 Hudson playing with his gift from us and watching a Christmas video at the same time.
 Good Morning from Harlow!
 I couldn't resist adding this photo, it shows her little teeth peeking through.
This girl doesn't mess around, she is getting 5 teeth at once.
 Danielle is a big Lady Gaga fan.  Her sister hooked her up with Gaga shades.
The are truly awesome.
 Seeing double!  Grandma purchased one and Brooke purchased him one.
He loved them both and didn't want to return either.  Parker loves his b'ball.
 No, Cinderella they don't fit!
 My husband spoiled me with a pair of Valentino bow pumps.  I was SO surprised!
I am loving everything with bows, right now.
 Harlow loved her makeup station.  Like mommy, like daughter! (grammie too)
 I needed new gloves and I got the hook up, 3 new pair.
 My daughter, Danielle puts her graphic design skills to work and handmade these note cards for me.  The handmade stamp in the box for future replenishing.
 Harlow was our present last year on Jan. 15, she is about to celebrate 1 year. (Did!)
 Parker in his new dudes.
 My daughter, Brooke is a Louis Vuitton fan.  Her finance spoiled her with 2 new rings and an awesome key chain/purse charms. about those nails? 
 Another girl who loves fashion. (Vince Camuto boots)
 The girls of fashion have to keep the guys in fashion, as well.
 Thank you, Pat!  I'm liking the Henri Bendel store.
 Harlow loves to blow raspberries.  She also curves her tongue.
 Sport's ear buds.
 "Grammie", I didn't mean to pull on the beads.
 "What is this?"
 Not in focus but the balloon came out of the box with a note attached.  As one of Brooke & John's gifts, we purchased a hot air balloon ride for the two of them.  She scared!
 The start of cookware for our college daughter.  She is a Junior at Gustavus and will soon need her own cooking supplies.  She will also need some classes, as she never cooks.
 The Bose store liked us.  Parker no longer needs an extension cord when he is shooting hoops.
 Hudson's favorite thing.
Yes, I bought the girls some "trash" magazines and I bought the right one for Brooke.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hope the sun is shining wherever you live.
It is funny how it works here in Wisconsin.  On the coldest bitter days, it will be sunny and the skies will be the most beautiful blue.  The color of the door reminds me of the sky color on those days.

This skirt was from the holiday Etcetera line, I loved the colors and the graphic design.

These boots are by Aquatalia and have been seen on Kate Middleton.  They are truly a comfortable boot and recommend them to anyone needing this style.  I like to wear them a lot with tights and boots, as I did with this outfit.

Coat-old from Nordstrom's
Necklace-Lia Sophia

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daughter keeps me in line

This is my daughter, Danielle.  Along with being very intelligent, she is also a natural fashionista and very creative.
This is the dress that she wore to church Christmas Eve, even when it was freezing cold out~she still opted for style.

She was contemplating to wear this antique hat, which I just love.  She felt it had too much going on with the dress.
Way cool hat, don't you think?
This is the outfit that I "thought" I was going to wear to church (trying to stay warm).  Danielle quickly says "mom, that is Not you, you are surely not going to wear that). I talk a lot about "Branding" yourself and this first combination was not being true to myself.  So, we snapped the photo and up I went to change.
This is what I wore.  I would have opted for a black tank but since I had suggested that we wear ivory on top and black on the bottom for our choir group, I had to go with it.
Do your children keep you in line?
Hope you are staying warm,  Debbie

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Church decorating/ivory jacket

This pre-Christmas season, I kept myself very busy doing many things that I love to do.
Last year, I took a 12 week Certification class in floral design, so I decided to put it to good use.
I offered to decorate the church.  This was one of two large pots that are at the entry to the sanctuary.
Showing off my outfit for the choir concert that I was about to be in.  I love singing, especially Christmas music but am not choir caliber.  I joined for the Christmas season and thankfully they don't kick me out.  My goal was to blend it.

This is one of 6 window boxes that I designed.  I really liked how they looked against the beautiful outdoors, which is snow covered.  The lights added a delicate touch to the evening.
The church was getting ready to trash 2 of these wreaths.  Instead, I reworked them for the season.  They had birds and fruit in them prior and had seen better days.

About my outfit~
Jacket-old Cartise jacket
Skirt-old Chilli Couture

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas card bloopers

I thought this would be fun to share~
It is a challenge to pick out outfits for the 7 of us to coordinate and everyone to agree to wear.  This year on Thanksgiving, I gave the family these PJ's to wear for Christmas Eve and told them we were wearing them for our Christmas card picture.  Believe it or not, there were a lot of laughs and they all put them on and continued to laugh.
Harlow was giving Parker the "Who are you? look", I have my neck all tensed up
Harlow again is checking out everyone!  Brooke has her eyes squinted and nose wrinkled.  Danielle has a crappy look.
This one could have passed, if we had no other choice.  Hudson was repositioning.

Well....this is just a few of the bloopers.  Can you relate?
This was the chosen one!  
After about 50 shots with the tripod.  (Good thing the dogs weren't in the picture or it would have been much worse.)
I loved this shot with Hudson looking at the camera.
Note~the socks!  We did a sock exchange prior to opening their gifted PJ's.  I especially liked mine, they were superwoman socks.  The pink things hanging loose are like little capes.  Thanks Danielle!
Acting crazy!

Grandson Hudson~"Grammie, my mom just got lipstick on me"
Grand daughter~Harlow.  Poor thing was getting 5 teeth at once
I think I will, I think I will
"Grammie, I wasn't touching it"

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!