Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Church decorating/ivory jacket

This pre-Christmas season, I kept myself very busy doing many things that I love to do.
Last year, I took a 12 week Certification class in floral design, so I decided to put it to good use.
I offered to decorate the church.  This was one of two large pots that are at the entry to the sanctuary.
Showing off my outfit for the choir concert that I was about to be in.  I love singing, especially Christmas music but am not choir caliber.  I joined for the Christmas season and thankfully they don't kick me out.  My goal was to blend it.

This is one of 6 window boxes that I designed.  I really liked how they looked against the beautiful outdoors, which is snow covered.  The lights added a delicate touch to the evening.
The church was getting ready to trash 2 of these wreaths.  Instead, I reworked them for the season.  They had birds and fruit in them prior and had seen better days.

About my outfit~
Jacket-old Cartise jacket
Skirt-old Chilli Couture


  1. Muy guapa, bonitas fotos!
    Happy New Year! (quedateenminube)

  2. Love the ivory outfit. So chic and classy. Your arrangements are gorgeous. Thank you for all your recent comments. As you can imagine I having't been able to get back. I so appreciate your warm thoughts.