Monday, October 29, 2012

Simply Simone

I need to start out by apologizing for the glare in these photos.  I have been using a smaller camera which I use for traveling, for these blog posts and I am getting alot of glare.  These would have been taken outside, which sometimes help the glare but...colder.  We have alot of windows in our home, therefore~lots of glare.  I hope to find time to get my good camera to the camera doctor, soon.
For those of you who are around me, you know that I like to wear skirts, alot.  I find them to be super comfortable and cool in the summer with sandals and love them in the fall & winter with leggings and boots.
The winter white skirt that I'm wearing is by kikaPaprika, one of the clothing lines that I sell.  It retails for only $60.  It is super comfortable, machine washable and dryer friendly, with no additional shrinkage.
The top I am wearing is the "Paige" by kikaPaprika and retails for $76.  I decided to add this to my collection, as the Hudson Raiders colors are navy & white.  I thought the top would be fun for the games paired with skinnies.
How would you wear these two pieces?
The little four paw furry friend in the photos is our dog Armani.  He decided he needed to be in the photos, today.  Make it a wonderful week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall break & Halloween dinner

It was fall break for Danielle over the weekend & Monday and Tuesday.  It was really good to have her home.  One of her request prior to coming home was a Halloween dinner.  You would think that at ages 24, 19 & 15 I would be able to stop the tradition of a Halloween dinner but.....(see below)
 Danielle and I after church at San Pedros downtown Hudson, A fave for breakfast.

 Skull heads and crossed bone icecubes were added to the drinks.
The table is waiting for the guests. 
 My theme this year was a focus on eyeballs.  What a goofy bunch!

 Mummy Meatloaf
 The pumpkin carving competition is on!  And, they were competitive!
 My son, Parker and husband.  Pat is watching the process.  Parker came up with this idea very quickly and got to work.
 Yes, Parker thought his pumpkin was #1.
 The finished works of art.  Can you guess whos is whos?
We had a great time!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stella & blue sky

I have to admit I didn't do well on our big move to Wisconsin from Indiana, now just over 6 years ago.  I'm not a cold feathered friend.  This bird likes the south.  But, one thing that I have to say is that we have beautiful blue skies here, alot.  It can be one of the coldest winter days and the skies will be the most beautiful color of blue.
I love how the above photo shows the blue sky.  In the winter, it will be even more intense.
The top that I'm wearing today is the "Stella" top by kikaPaprika.  And, how about those beautiful colors in the tree?  Isn't is beautiful? Fall is here!
Have you purchased an envelope style clutch?  I haven't carried one much, as I'm not sure that all my "stuff" will fit.  I've thought about painting on this one  I saw a cute idea on "Cupcakes and Cashmere" blog.
And, how about boots?  I love all of the variety and boots and shoes with fall.  The stores are making it hard for me to resist.
Goofing around with my daughter photographing me.  This picture does show the arms nice on the Stella top.
Stella top- by kikaPaprika
Scarf-my "Made Ya Look" at home boutique
Paige "skinnies" denim
Boots-The Buckle

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall for Sami

Yes, I have fallen for Sami!  I just love the Sami jacket from one of the clothing lines that I sell, kikaPaprika.  The Sami jacket is a military inspiration and on trend for the fall.  I wore this outfit to a recent kika show and had many compliments. 
With this jacket you aren't constricted with your arm movement.  With a traditional style jacket with a lining, you have limited amount of movement because the lining not having stretch. 
If you have muscular arms or molding (fuller) arms, you will love this jacket and you will be right with the trends.
My inspiration for this combination came from a Limited "look".  They had a gold skirt on the bottom, which I had ordered but it was too short. 
I love the gold color that I'm seeing in many stores but can't wear it by my face, as it is not a good color for me.  So, I chose to do the gold on the bottom and go with a color that is in my color palette on the top.
I think the color combination works, how about you?
Thank you to my son for taking the pictures, that would be him in the reflection in the window.

Scarf-The Limited
Pants-The Limited
Shoes-Stuart Weitzman

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Red Pop

When trying to think of a name for this blog, it caused alot of laughs.  I asked my daughter, Danielle, what she thought would be a good name.  Here was some of our ideas~"Big Red" (which is a drink in the south and then she said "that makes it sound like your big"), Uneven, since I was trying a look with the uneven shirt (which I had saw in a magazine), "Pop the Red" and the list goes on.

The Carrie jacket by kikaPaprika is a blazer inspiration (collar & pockets).  If you loved the "Addy", you are sure to like this jacket, as well.

When wearing a larger size shirt or sweater on the top, pair it with something tighter on the bottom.  If you wear loose bottoms, wear a tighter top.

I am wearing a custom JHilburn shirt (the men's line that I sell) in charcoal and gave it a try on the uneven tucked shirt.  I don't think the uneven tuck is my style.  Fun to try!  I do like the grey for a softer contrast verses white or black.

Accessories, accessories, accessories

Would you wear the uneven shirt?