Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall for Sami

Yes, I have fallen for Sami!  I just love the Sami jacket from one of the clothing lines that I sell, kikaPaprika.  The Sami jacket is a military inspiration and on trend for the fall.  I wore this outfit to a recent kika show and had many compliments. 
With this jacket you aren't constricted with your arm movement.  With a traditional style jacket with a lining, you have limited amount of movement because the lining not having stretch. 
If you have muscular arms or molding (fuller) arms, you will love this jacket and you will be right with the trends.
My inspiration for this combination came from a Limited "look".  They had a gold skirt on the bottom, which I had ordered but it was too short. 
I love the gold color that I'm seeing in many stores but can't wear it by my face, as it is not a good color for me.  So, I chose to do the gold on the bottom and go with a color that is in my color palette on the top.
I think the color combination works, how about you?
Thank you to my son for taking the pictures, that would be him in the reflection in the window.

Scarf-The Limited
Pants-The Limited
Shoes-Stuart Weitzman


  1. Looks great Debbie. Is that the Olive color? Or Steel?
    Very cool with the mustard skinny pants and stilettos.
    Loving your front porch halloween decor as well.

  2. Thanks Daphne, I have the steel Sami on!
    I love decorating for the seasons :)

  3. So cute! What a great color combo!!!