Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall break & Halloween dinner

It was fall break for Danielle over the weekend & Monday and Tuesday.  It was really good to have her home.  One of her request prior to coming home was a Halloween dinner.  You would think that at ages 24, 19 & 15 I would be able to stop the tradition of a Halloween dinner but.....(see below)
 Danielle and I after church at San Pedros downtown Hudson, A fave for breakfast.

 Skull heads and crossed bone icecubes were added to the drinks.
The table is waiting for the guests. 
 My theme this year was a focus on eyeballs.  What a goofy bunch!

 Mummy Meatloaf
 The pumpkin carving competition is on!  And, they were competitive!
 My son, Parker and husband.  Pat is watching the process.  Parker came up with this idea very quickly and got to work.
 Yes, Parker thought his pumpkin was #1.
 The finished works of art.  Can you guess whos is whos?
We had a great time!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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  1. I love all of these. You are so crafty with the dinner and the pumpkins came out amazing. We have our family pumpkin carving gathering coming up this Monday but I am not nearly as talented or motivated to set-up a table like that!