Thursday, August 16, 2012

Makeup Expiration

Have you ever wondered, "How long should I keep my makeup? or "When is it considered bad?"
Here is a tip to help~ Keep a permanent marker in your makeup drawer, along with a list of makeup expiration dates (below).  Put the date on your makeup when you purchase it~ no more guessing.
Here's a list to help:
  • Blush & Bronzer-  2 years
  • Powder-  2 years
  • Blush, cream-  12-18 months
  • Concealer-  12-18 months
  • Eye shadow-  power-2 years, cream 12-18 months
  • Eyeliner-  2 years
  • Eyeliner liquid-  3-6 months
  • Foundation, cream or compact-  18months
  • Foundation, oil-free-  1 year
  • Lip gloss-  18-24 months
  • Lip liner-  2 year
  • Mascara- 3-12 month
How is the age of your makeup?  Is it time to replace some of it? 
If so, this is my daughter's makeup line and I'm sure she would love to help you.

1 comment:

  1. Great tips. I was just looking at my cabinet and thinking the moisture masks that have been in there for years are probably no longer good.
    I should throw them out!