Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pink & Black Passion

Pink and Black have been my favorite color for years, followed by yellow!
I have had more black cars than any other and I would probably have everything pink in my home, if my husband would approve.
As I have been sharing with you, I have been redecorating my family room.  Above is a glimpse of the paint above my fireplace.  I am now on a mission to find artwork for above the fireplace or hoping my daughter will paint a hot air balloon for the focal point.  I think it would be the perfect accessory.
And, accessories for my outfit!
This stool prior was a flame stitch with navy, red and tan.  It was recently recovered in fabric to go with my new color scheme. (pink, purple, tan and a navy)  I am wanting the fun factor and the mood lifter!
This photo shows a small shot of the couch recovered.  It appears much darker in the photo.
And, how about the very fuchsia rug?  I loved it.  The ottoman was in another family room and now I actually thought it worked better in here.
This outfit was from the store that I used to own~
jacket and skirt~Spanner
tank~Last Tango
necklace & earrings~Custom by a talented Etcetera client, Diana Wesbrook


  1. You are looking pretty in black and pink! I do like your sandals so much. They are cute and look comfortable, always a plus. The fabric on this skirt is lovely. The rug looks great too.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Ann Wood, thank you for your kind words!