Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pop of Art

I love this new graphic skirt by Etcetera.  With all of it's color, it gives so many options for tops (and shoes).

I have been on a roll with crafting and decorating.  Thanks to where I was inspired by the paintings I saw in landscaping and on porches.
I started this painting out and then was assisted by my daughter, Danielle.  With her art background she is very good at adding more texture and dimension.  She gave me some pointers to help me in the future.
This is a side wall on my covered porch.  I purchased the small table at a yard sale, along with the white enamel pieces.  The table is not exactly what I want there but until I find the right piece, I'm going to leave it for now.

top-Last Tango
shoes-Poetic License
gold bracelet-Michael Kors
white bracelet & necklace-my boutique

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