Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pink & More to come!

Today was another rainy, gloomy day in Hudson, WI.
Hence the pink! 
 I'm off to tour 3 of the homes that are possibilities for the Christmas tour.
 In the background you will see some pink candlesticks, that is a little clue as to what is going to be happing in the family room in the near future :)
 The artwork that you can see is a piece that my daughter, Danielle and I are working on together.  It's new home is supposed to be on the front porch but I'm really liking it on the mantle.
 While touring the homes, it really got my mind-a-racing (worse than it already does).  Thoughts like~"cute idea, I can do that, that would work in my daughter's bedroom" and on & on.
 Many homes that I enter are full of neutrals, which are a great start but I love color.  It makes me happy~How about you? How do you decorate?
Leather jacket-Nordstrom's
top-Last Tango (my boutique)
jeans-J brand
pumps-Kelly & Katie and I have to say that I have been in search of comfortable black pumps of all price ranges and they won.


  1. Leather jacket suits and the scarf gives the look a softer feel.

  2. Great jacket, I like it worn with pink. Your shoes do look comfortable and attractive. With the humidity today I am wishing for those cooler days.

    blue hue wonderland