Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Building around the shoes

Today was a busy day and I had many errands to run.  
My day started out with Rotary at 7am, so I knew that I had to wear 
comfortable shoes for all the running.
 I built my outfit around the shoes, today.  I normally don't work it that way.  My daughter, Danielle was home this weekend and she left these shoes for me to wear since she would be home again soon.
 The shoes have little gold grommets all over them, so that lead me to the gold pants.   Then, I looked for a purple blouse with no luck it lead me to the tank.   From the tank, it went the jacket and then scarf.
 How do you build your outfits for the day?

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Tank-Michael Stars
Pants-The Limited
Scarf-My Boutique

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