Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ralph Lauren inspired

Do you get up many days and wonder "What the heck am I going to wear?" and stand in your closet for what seems like hours trying to decide?
 I follow several other bloggers and notice that many get inspired by the outfits they see in magazines, other blogs or Pinterest.  So, I started doing the same.  I tear out photos of outfits that I like and keep them in a folder or pin them from Pinterest.
 Today's outfit was inspired by the above photo that was a Ralph Lauren ad.

 If you struggle with what to wear, try printing out combinations you like and see if it doesn't make getting dressed in the morning a little easier.
 I loved the knee high socks with mary jane shoes. 
 I felt a little like Marsha Brady.
Top-Last Tango (from my store)
Shoes-Stuart Weitzman (yes, I need stock in the brand)

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